Open Badges Open Doors

Meggie Wright, Oregon State University, @meggiewright

Nate Otto, Indiana University, @ottonomy

The Mozilla Foundation’s Open Badges are a new technology that makes it possible for anyone to issue, earn, and display proof of an educational achievement. Open Badges are digital tokens, like merit badges you might receive in the real world. They can be displayed on websites, job sites, and social media. Badges can be used to tell a clear, verifiable story about learning accomplishments, something that degrees and resumes often fail to do. Badges are shaking up education wherever and whenever learning happens, including in libraries. In this digital workshop, find out how badges work, set up a “backpack,” earn your first badge, and think about how this technology may impact our institutions’ roles in the learning ecosystem.

Our vision for this workshop at Online Northwest was to embrace the Mozilla Foundation's MozFest slogan of "Less Yack, More Hack," by introducing participants to Open Badges via hands on experience and starting a dialog on how libraries might use this new educational technology. While the change in format and venue makes this more difficult, we sincerely hope that you'll contact us with your questions, comments, inspirations, and ideas for using Open Badges in libraries.