Nuanced and Timely: Capturing Collections Feedback at Point of Use

Richard A. Stoddart, Oregon State University Libraries & Press
Jane Nichols, Oregon State University Libraries & Press
Terry Reese, Ohio State University


On behalf of my colleagues Jane Nichols and Terry Reese, I am excited to share our presentation slides for Online Northwest. We hoped to discuss ideas about research methodology and the use of this new survey tooldeveloped by Terry Reese with the in-person audience. What tool, you ask? --- Well, you will have to dive into the content to see but let's just say Mr. Reese's research tool allows libraries to insert an online survey in front of electronic journals. Boy-howdy that's pretty cool.

Since this is the Snowstorm Edition, we are happy to get feedback from Online NW attendees about the questions asked in our presentation. We also have already fielded a few phone calls and emails regarding this software and would be happy to talk with you about it in more detail if interested.

Additional context for this presentation is available from a previous talk that was done at the 2013 Charleston Conference. Those slides, a short video, and the proceedings are available here: