Strange New World: Linked Data for Catalogers and Metadata Librarians

Jessica Hayden, Technical Services Manager, University of Northern Colorado


Linked data has been hailed as a disruptive innovation that will change the way we organize and discover information, but what does it really mean for catalogers and metadata creators? This presentation will cover the background of linked data and demonstrate developments that take advantage of it. It will highlight projects of particular interest to librarians including the Library of Congress Bibliographic Framework Initiative. A portion of the session will be devoted to using linked data sources such as VIAF and the Open Metadata Registry to create a bibliographic record in BibFrame. The presentation will include discussion of current systems limitations and ways to utilize linked data outside our current ILS. Librarians will walk away with an understanding of how linked data will affect their work in the future, and they will learn about tools to begin utilizing linked data now to expose some of their collections.