Harnessing the Web to Create an Environment for Curiosity, Exploration and Learning

Chad Iwertz, School of Writing, Literature and Film, Oregon State University

Hannah Gascho Rempel, OSU Libraries & Press

Anne-Marie Deitering, OSU Libraries & Press


This presentation grew out of a long-standing collaboration between the First-Year Composition program at OSU, which is located in the School of Writing, Literature and Film and the OSU Libraries and Press.  In part 1, Chad Iwertz from SWLF will explain the impetus for the project and the problem we were addressing.  In parts 2 and 3, Hannah Gascho Rempel and Anne-Marie Deitering will explain the two main things we did to address this problem.  In part 2, Hannah explains how we refocused the researched papers in the course around curiosity, and in part 3, Anne-Marie talks about how we structured the topic-selection process to encourage curiosity and exploration.

Part 1: Context

Part 2: Curiosity

This section will be a lot more helpful if you take a few minutes to take the Curiosity Self Assessment before you start!

Scoring Guide: Curiosity Self Assessment 
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Part 3: Exploration

WR 121 Course Guide

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