2014 Keynote Speaker: Andromeda Yelton

Our 2014 keynote speaker will be Andromeda Yelton.

Andromeda Yelton is a librarian and technologist who publishes and presents regularly on topics ranging from ebooks to copyright to personal branding.  In 2013 she was named a Library Journal "Mover and Shaker."

Andromeda will talk about "Five Conversations: Empowering Librarians Through Code." In her own words:

Photo credit: Molly Tomlinson, http://www.photoclave.com/ 

Photo credit: Molly Tomlinson, http://www.photoclave.com/ 

Software programming is the future and the present and the unknown.  More and more librarians want to learn to code, whether to improve their workflows and services, to communicate better with their vendors and IT personnel, or simply for lifelong learning as information professionals. But this raises all kinds of questions: what obstacles stop us from learning, and how do we get around them?  Why this skill, when there are so many others that are also relevant in libraries?  And more personal questions, too, about diversity and identity and sometimes even courage.
This talk is about asking questions.  It's about telling stories and containing multitudes and sketching out a hacker epistemology.  Let's all of us afterward have a conversation.